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Get Real Modeling and Acting
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About Us

We've created a network to assist talent to band together, learn together and grow your skills, your knowledge and your influence. If you are new to the modeling and acting business, or a pro seeking to become an effective coach and mentor, we are here for you. With a support staff with over 100 years of accumulative experience in the Industry, we know how to guide you towards your personal path to success, without the guesswork. 

Why You Should Join Us

Within the member platform of Get Real, you will find topics to inspire, guidance to assist you, and skill building to enhance your marketability.  

You may choose to remain a member to connect with others or become a VIP to attend exclusive events, participate in live chats, and take one of our courses in acting, modeling, or coaching. VIP's who complete training will have continued access to materials to support their career as methods change, styles change and new challenges arise. 

We also have a coaches network. You can be part of a movement to elevate the quality of talent. It's a trickle up effect. If coaches improve, the talent improves. If the talent improves, the pay increases. If the pay increases the agencies make more per booking, spend less time seeking quality talent and more time seeking the opportunities. It's a win- win- win. Let's do this!!